See problems as if they happened in your browser

Imagine looking over your user's shoulder while having your browser inspector open. Understand every issue and improve the performance of your frontend application like never before.

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User Session

No more guess work

Fix bugs at the speed of light by simply seeing what your user did and how your frontend application reacted. Asayer captures everything giving you full context about every issue.

Keep an eye on performance

Dashboard adds a visual element to your frontend monitoring and makes it easy to track key performance metrics.

User Events

Integrates with your framework and libraries

Asayer works regardless of framework or language.
Plug-in your libraries and monitor your frontend issues from a single platform.

Frontend Frameworks

Contextual Collaboration

Share your insights and work with the rest of your team on resolving problems.

Easily report bugs, enhancements, or create tasks through Github and Jira integrations.

Github, JIRA Integration

Like wise on JIRA.

JIRA Integration

Found something intresting OR unusual in a session? notify your team on the go. Trigger actions without interruption through Slack integration .

Slack Integration

Ready to monitor your frontend?

Asayer can help debug your web app issues right now.

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