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Find the sessions that
went wrong

Uncover bugs, frictions, and much more using our powerful search engine. Everything your users do on your website is captured, indexed and analyzed.


Remove the guesswork from reproducing bugs

Understand each and every aspect of your customer journey. Press play for debugging and issue tracking to give your developers back their time.


Automate the most impactful scenarios

Quickly identify the business critical areas in your web app and convert them into automated tests with a few clicks.


Run your tests in the cloud

Instantly run your tests against different browsers on our cloud and get results within minutes.


Get insights on your app's performance

Get actionable data on what may affect your website performance and hurt your conversions.


Deliver faster and with confidence

Discover regressions that affect the customer experience before code hits production, and do it at the speed of continuous delivery.


Ready to empower your team?

Learn how Asayer can help you ship faster, and fine-tune you customer experience.