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Gather everything you need to troubleshoot in one place

Plug-in all your debugging tools into Asayer to easily monitor issues across your stack, from a single unified platform.

  • Cloud Watch
  • BugSnag
  • Data Dog
  • Elastic
  • Elastic
  • Segment
  • RollBar
  • Slack
  • Sentry
  • Stack Driver

Replay the sessions that went wrong

Forget screenshots, Asayer captures a perfect recording of everything your users do, so that you can see how they interact with your web app, and how they experience problems.

Session Replay

Easily get to the root cause of any error

Don’t waste time digging through your logs. Every recording shows you the JS Console, Network Activity, Backend Logs (and more) of your most impactful errors. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to fix a bug.

Resolve Errors Quickly

Speed up your website

Replay sessions to see how quickly your pages are loading. Analyze the speed of each network request, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Image, and pinpoint at-a-glance why your website is slow.

Web Page Optimization

Don’t wait for users to report issues

The Asayer Dashboard shows you where the issues are across your web app, so you can proactively troubleshoot without having to go back and forth with your users.

User Events

Collaborate with your teammates

Integrate with your favorite collaboration tools to comment on sessions and share them with your teammates. Engineers, Testers, Support and Product teams, can work together to resolve issues and optimize your application.

User Events

Implement in seconds with absolutely no overhead

Our lightweight script works regardless of language or framework.
Just copy & paste a few lines of code into the <head> of your website, and you’re ready to go!

                                                window[a].started=function(){return false};

Ready to debug your web app?

Asayer can start recording issues right now.

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